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We are a family run business made up of six pioneers and praisers ranging from the age of 5 to.....well, older. Everything on our store was created and dreamed up by one of our amazing P&P's! We work hard to make sure you get the best quality from our lovingly made products!

As a family we run a registered charity called Manna Ministries ( Click to visit the website). We have run Manna for seven years, we are christian workers and do not take a salary from it. So, we rely on sponsorship of the people who believe in the vision of Manna as our main income. This is also why we created P&P, so we can help to raise money for our family so we can continue to run Manna and keep helping people around the UK! 10% of all profits from P&P goes right back into our charity.         

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True Stories full of, well listen and find out!


Hi everyone, I”m Gary, the Dad.


My wife and I founded Manna Ministries and Pioneers and Praisers.


As well as being the driver, for Big Yellow, ( our American school bus) I am responsible for safeguarding and charity details etc, and props within Manna Ministries. I leave the creativity side of things to my wife and children.

Within Pioneers and Praisers, I am involved in the podcasts, and with the merchandise, such as putting other people’s creative idea’s together. I love helping with the photo’s for our postcard range. I hope you love the site and the Ministry. Every blessing.


Hi My name is Noah, I love all things tech! Currently I am studying at Charis Bible College as a 3rd year student.

In Manna I run the production team, I look after all the sound and lighting, I also look after all our media and marketing. 

At P&P I design our clothing range, I really enjoy dreaming up new faith filled slogans on photoshop and putting them up on here for you to see! I really pray they impact the people who see you wearing one of them!


Hi there, 


My name is Oscar and I am 13 years old, and I love cooking and baking and musical theatre. I love writing worship songs too. I also adore travelling, and that’s quite a big part of what our family does in Manna. Not many kids like moving around, but living in a missionary family, I have just learned to love it.


Writing songs is part of what I do at manna ministries, I write the songs for the shows with my mum, and its absolutely brilliant fun. God just enters the room with us, and brings the songs together. I also perform on the stage as part of Manna, and have played quite a handful of roles. 


Pioneers and praises is also quite a big part of what our family does. I design some of the postcards and match the pair games for Pioneers and praises and I really love drawing the designs digitally. Drawing, singing, dancing, acting, writing, travelling, performing and following Jesus, my life in a nutshell basically. 


Hi I’m Jai, I am just over the 40 mark now!
I have 4 amazing kids, and a courageous husband. Two crazy dogs and a big yellow school bus ! I’ve been standing against a diagnosis of EDS and POTS and a myriad of other medical labels for 23 years now, but they don’t define me, only my fathers word does that. 

My husband and I founded Manna 7 years ago, as a family we wear a myriad of hats as our volunteer base needs to expand :)
 I am the artistic director so I work on writing all the musicals and songs with my Oscar. I plan the lessons for the academies and I teach students online preparing them for Trinity exams in musical theatre.

Pioneers and Praisers was an idea to try and raise more income for our family as we are full time Christian workers. I draw some of the cards and write some of the books too. I love I have a gifted son that can put all this together !!!


My name is Arialle-Lily , I’m seventeen and the only daughter in the Crick family. I’m a writer, dancer, creative artists and Aromatherapy enthusiast. Also, I have a crazy dog who is probably spoilt and treated more like my child than my dog:D

In Manna I am the Choreographer. I help create all the dances and then teach them to the amazing kiddies in the academies across the nation. I am also the one who takes the musicals written by Jaime Crick (my Momma) and turns them into novels inspired by the musicals. Working with Manna and the team and the kids is the most amazing thing ever. You get to see lives changed, paths chosen and the laughter and tears you share with each and everyone one of those people is priceless. 

In Pioneers and praisers I deign the penguin range of postcards and snap cards. Ain’t they just so cute! I also one of the primary novelist.


Love Arialle-Lily Crick


Hi I’m Eli, and I am 5 years old nearly 6. I love doing funny voices, pretending to be King Julian and to play with my big brothers  Oscar and Noah with our cuddlies.


I think I would like to be on the stage too when I am bigger.

 My favourite food is pasta, and I like anything with chocolate on it or in it! 


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